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When People Laugh, They Learn More & They Remember More


Are you looking to add laughter to your corporate event? Adding the humour of a funny Keynote speaker, Humorist, or Corporate Comedian is the perfect way to entertain guests at your next convention, conference, meeting, banquet or another business event.

Humour is one of the most effective ways to communicate a message and add funny to a business event. Clean humour is the key element to making an otherwise mundane event with serious issues to address, more memorable. Humour not only makes people laugh, but it can be a real motivator. A funny presentation performed by motivational comedians will get an audience sitting up and taking notice which is in essence the power of humour. Let’s face it, business audiences can only take so much statistics, slideshows, and graphs. Humour is the vehicle that will relax an audience and help them open up and think more clearly.

In a corporate, business setting, humour delivered by a corporate comedian is not only entertaining, but also professional, appropriate, meaningful and comfortable for everyone.Humour helps people drop their internal defenses that have been preventing them from growing and learning new things. Humour is an essential element to getting powerful messages across and it can be the glue that holds the insights, strategies, and the tools that will help people achieve more long term. In addition, humour helps lift people’s spirits and motivates them to achieve more.

At Corporate Entertainers, we have the best in funny Keynote Speakers, Humorists, and Corporate Comedians. William Thomas is an award winning author, scriptwriter, and a nationally syndicated humour columnist. William Thomas usually begins his rich comic rant by thanking his host for not introducing him as a comedian. Although he is often referred to as ‘a stand-up comedian with notes’ he is not. He claims the only reason he uses the podium is to deflect flying objects, usually fruit, from the audience. William takes the time to truly customize his presentation and involve the audience. He makes people laugh about a wide range of subjects which is a testament to his natural flair for finding humour in the simple things in life.

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