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Comedian Uses Stand-Up Comedy To Undermine Stereotypes

howie_miller_comediansThe stand-up comedy act performed by a professional comedian consists of funny stories, jokes, and hilarious one-liners. Typically, the stand-up comedian is on stage with a microphone and often a glass of water. There was a time when stand-up comedians were mostly white men and when a segment of these comedians would address ethnic groups in their act, jokes would involve stereotyping. In response, individuals from the various ethnic groups and aboriginal groups began to perform stand-up comedy themselves. The result was ethnic and aboriginal comedians becoming extremely popular comedic groups that could get diverse audiences laughing together.

When an audience sees an ethnic or aboriginal comedian on stage, talking about themselves with a sense of humour, they begin to recognize that past negative stereotypes applied to the group was very one dimensional. Humour delivered by ethnic comedians serve as a tool to negate the power of stereotypes that block their path to equality in society. Stand-up comedy can give a social critique and instigate transformation in a way that makes people laugh in a comfortable way, and underneath the humour is a rich layer of social commentary on ethnicity and race relations A great ethnic and aboriginal comedian can not only deliver great humour on a broad range of topics, but also can hold up a mirror and get us to confront realities that we would often prefer to ignore, all in a humourous and socially comfortable way. All of these awesome characteristics of ethnic and aboriginal comedians is a core reason why they are in such great demand for a wide range of events.

We have some of the best in stand-up ethnic and aboriginal comedians available for a variety of events. Howie Miller has been hailed as one of the funniest Native American comedians and actors on television today. Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Howie is a First Nation Descendant of the Cree Nation. Howie’s stand-up routine includes entertaining stories about his son’s overnight success as one of the most-watched young actors in front of the camera today. He has a unique perspective on “the relationship” between Aboriginals and non Aboriginals and it’s a theme he often explores in his comedy. His side-splitting stand-up comedy routine will have your group rolling on the floor laughing and leave them begging for more. Howie Miller‘s quick wit and unique point of view on multi ethnic stereotypes has garnered numerous television appearances and placed him in great demand on the corporate circuit. for more information on Howie Miller, please visit:

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