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Why An Entertainer is Worth Their Weight in Gold

Whether it’s a corporate party, an employee recognition event or a company-wide conference, entertainment has become more than just a tiny piece of your success puzzle. The entertainment you decide to include can make or break the entire experience.

So how does entertainment impact the success of your event?

1. It puts smiles on your attendee’s face… and that puts people in the right mood to get engaged.
2. It adds to the allure of the event and captures attention right from the start.
3. If chosen correctly, it can become the most talked about part of the night.

But when it comes to the entertainment, event planners have more options than ever before. From hypnotists, comedians and local bands to national musical acts, illusionists and speakers, the diversity is endless.

Success depends on choosing the perfect talent, style, approach and topic. With all these options available to you, how do you choose the right entertainer?

These insider tips will make sure that you can be confident in your selection.

1. Do Your Homework
Don’t choose at random. Research your options by reading profiles, finding reviews and exploring past testimonials. Start making your own profile of potential options. This will let you properly compare them.

2. Grab the Popcorn
Once you’ve narrowed your search, watch their demo videos. This is a fast way to get a real sense of their style. See if they’ve worked with similar audiences as yours. How does the crowd react? Is the laughter and applause real or is it canned? Are there multiple performance clips or is the video mostly of one performance? Did they receive multiple standing ovations or just one?

3. Lean on the Experts
Once you’ve got your top picks, contact a professional talent agency to do the final vetting. Lean on our years of experience and proven insight. We can help you choose the best entertainer for your event and its goals. Most importantly, we offer a unique perspective to help ensure that, when you do sign on the dotted line, you’re confident in the fact that you’re delivering the best talent for your audience. Let us do the leg work for you! You can sit back and enjoy the praise!

Every Event is Unique
What’s your goal? Is it to get people on the dance floor, drum up big donations or to treat your team like VIPs? Consider your audience and the event’s true goal when deciding on an entertainer. You don’t want to select that one-man-band if your audience is a group of CEOs. Think strategically!

The Bottom Line
Taking the time to find the perfect entertainer for your event does take “time” and effort. It’s no secret – event planners who do their homework, put in the extra time and make a big deal about the tiny details are setting themselves up for BIG success.

Don’t let your entertainment choice be the last on your list. Remember, your attendees may not remember the decorations, light show or what they ate, but they WILL remember having to sit through a performance that completely missed the mark.

FEATURED ENTERTAINER: A Man Who Needs No Introduction… Brent Butt!
Brent was the creator, star, and executive producer of the hit new comedy series Corner Gas on CTV. Corner Gas went on to become Canada’s #1 comedy, broadcast in over 26 countries including the US and airing for six seasons.” Brent Butt is often referred to as “one of the funniest men in the country”.brent_butt

Brent is at the top of the North American comedy game and his approach can deliver BIG value to any event.

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