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Why Custom Comedians Are Perfect For Conferences And Conventions


In comedy, the term “customization” means comedy material written specifically for a business or group based on research that a comedian has done in advance of an event. Research can include talking to the event planner, checking out the business website, and talking to executives and different individuals who are representative of the audience. A custom comedian will speak to range of individuals associated with the company and event to enable the comedian to zero in on the company’s mission and values, brand, products or services, interrelationships, issues, terminology, and other relevant details that are part of the business culture.

When a comedian customizes his or her presentation, the result is not just an audience engaging, hilarious performance, but also a motivational presentation that is relevant and meaningful to each member of the audience. Comedians that customize have a number of objectives to achieve with a customized presentation. First, audiences experience positive effects of humour and laughter on their emotional well being. That is, they feel good and reduce any workplace stress. Another benefit is morale is boosted through laughter and the audience becomes united in a positive environment. As well, individuals are able to look at difficult problems more objectively and even find humour in challenges and frustrations, allowing them to deal with them with a more positive attitude.

Upon conclusion of the comedian’s presentation, the audience feels more valued, content, and empowered. They feel more confident to change for the better how they perform their jobs. Based on clients’ objectives, customized humour can be used to influence, resolve conflict, inspire, sell, and motivate. At Corporate Entertainers, we have a roster of experienced, professional custom comedians. Humorist William Thomas is an award winning author, scriptwriter, and a nationally syndicated columnist. William takes the time to truly customize his presentation and involve the audience. He makes people laugh about a wide range of subjects which is a testament to his natural flair for finding humour in the simple things in life.

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