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Why Hiring Comedians Is Good For Health And Well-Being


Everyone can pretty much agree that laughing is very enjoyable. However, the scientific research that has been done over the last 30 or more years has revealed there are great physiological and emotional benefits to laughing. In other words, laughter may actually be the best medicine.

When a person becomes stressed, the body releases stress hormones, cortisol, dopamine, and epinephrine. Long term stress that prolongs exposure to these chemicals can result in a person feeling cranky, depressed, and tired. Laughing reduces the level of these hormones and encourages the body to release endorphins, the happy chemical chemicals. A person will then start to feel happy and their overall mood will greatly improve. As well, laughter is also good for physical health. When a person laughs, the body increases production of antibody producing cells which enhance the efficiency of the cells that fight off infection. When you look at all of the benefits laughter provides, it is easy to understand why comedians are in big demand to perform at a wide range of events.

The comedy scene in Canada has never been bigger and there has never been a better time to hire comedians to add hilarity to your event. Hiring Toronto comedians like Derek Edwards is sure to get your guests’ endorphins flowing. Derek’s act is carefully crafted and full of thought-provoking, hilarious routines. Whether you are a business looking to add some humour to a conference, convention, business meeting, awards ceremony, etc, or you’re holding a charity event or private social event, and looking for an innovative way to entertain your guests, you can ensure your guests will discuss your event using glowing terms for a long time afterwards.

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