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Why Illusionists Make Ideal After-Dinner Entertainment

sean_watsonIf you are planning a corporate dinner event, you are most likely considering after-dinner entertainment. Your choice of after-dinner entertainment can make or break a corporate dinner so it is important to make sure you hire an entertainer your guests will love. As an alternative to the traditional after-dinner speaker, why not hire a Corporate Illusionist?

Professional illusionists perform feats to astound an audience through sleight-of-hand and misdirection. Illusionists perform either close up for smaller groups or on a big stage performing spectacular grand illusions. Great illusionists perform such tricks as: making anything and everything and anything disappear and reappear, levitating objects, teleporting things from one place to another, and causing one solid object to pass through another object.

Corporate illusionists specialize in captivating the audience with their mind boggling illusions that will have your guests feeling inspired and entertained long after the event is over. An interactive, high-energy illusionist show that features state-of-the-art illusionsis guaranteed to generate laughter, excitement, and applause. An evening of illusion to mystify and entertain your corporate guests will give them memories that last a lifetime and guests will be talking about the experience for a long time to come.

At Corporate Entertainers, we have a roster of awesome illusionists. Sean Watson is Canada’s Premier Event Illusionist and provides high-calibre, after-dinner entertainment for corporate, association, and gala special events. Sean combines state-of-the-art magic and illusions with his engaging brand of humour and audience participation to create a thrilling entertainment experience. His ultra-clean and non-offensive interactive routines elicit more genuine belly laughs than most comedians. Sean’s fast-paced and interactive show has been engineered specifically for corporate/association functions & gala events. All of the effects, routines, humour, and audience interaction have been designed to maximize audience impact in an after-dinner event setting. For more information on Sean Watson, please visit:

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