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Why Laughter Is An Important Part Of A Healthy Workplace

How To Make Sense Of Humour In The Workplace

It’s a pretty well-known fact that laughter can make your office a happier, more productive work environment. Unfortunately, people tend to remove their tongues from their cheeks and rein in the humour as soon as the step onto the elevators. It can be hard to navigate what’s appropriate and what isn’t in the office, especially when crossed lines and violated boundaries can lead to a lot more than awkward working relationships. If the wrong joke is told and offends a proactive member of the team, HR can come barrelling in with its full force.

Most of the time, it’s obvious what is and what isn’t appropriate. The comedy styles of Chelsea Handler, Daniel Tosh, or Louis C.K. isn’t meant for the office. With crude, sexualized, and violent themes and language, that sort of comedy is better suited for an evening with your friends. But even with these glaringly obvious examples of what not to do, humour is still a field fraught with land minds. It’s far too easy to make a joke in poor taste (or just a poor joke). The fear of being unfunny is almost as strong as being offensive. Coupled with the fact that most people take themselves and their work very seriously, the office tends to be a place where there’s it’s all work and no play.

While the consequences of a humourless workplace are lot less serious than they were for Jack Torrance in The Shining, it bodes for significant job dissatisfaction. The ability to have fun and bond with colleagues (and even superiors) has a considerable influence on how happy employees are at work. Without humour, work gets bogged down on—well, work, and their entire day is filled with number crunching and deadlines. For those who need a little more variety in their day, this lack of humour can bring their time with the company to an end.

Humour, on the other hand, tends to open up channels between people that wouldn’t be there without it, as sharing a laugh can build relationships and relax tensions between co-workers. As a result, the day isn’t quite so constrained by the stress of due dates and numbers. It also has benefits for the entire company, as humour has provides a path for workplace creativity. When colleagues can crack a few jokes with each other, they feel more comfortable bringing up more creative or strange solutions to problems, as humour can dissolve rigid hierarchical lines and encourage the sharing of innovative ideas.

So you realize that humour is an advantage that your office needs; however, you’re still unsure of how you should inject a little comedy into your day-to-day activities. Worse yet—you may not have the time to add humour to yours and the rest of the office’s hectic schedules. It’s no doubt a delicate situation that can take a little bit of brainstorming.

While your team are thinking of ways to adding some humour into the office, we have a suggestion that will get the ball rolling. At your upcoming charity event, employee celebration, or corporate soirée, get help from one of our corporate comedians. These hilarious professionals have made a living on being funny and appropriate in the workplace. They know exactly how to keep the room laughing without crossing any lines or stepping on any toes.

Once the bar is set, you and your employees can attempt to match it. Or, if you’re still worried about bombing at your own material, you can just talk about the funniest jokes you remember from the set. Either way, a corporate comedian is the perfect way to set your office on track to funny town. Just give us a call, and we can connect you and your office with the funniest performers on the continent!

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