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Why Observational Comedy Is Always A Crowd Pleaser

steve_pattersonThe comedy style referred to as Observational Comedy is comedy that focuses on the quirks of things and activities from everyday life. This comedy style is based on the concept, ‘It is funny because it is true.’ An observational comedian pokes fun and satirizes all the details of everyday life that we do not think about too often. Audiences of all types enjoy observational comedians as they are able to take a minute detail in life or something trivial and inflate it to something hilarious.

Observational comedians are popular for a wide range of events as this type of humour is easy for people to connect with. The art of the observational comedy lies in getting people to see common activities and things from a unique, hilarious perspective – the comedian’s perspective. Topics can include: dating, differences between men and women, parenting, pets, current events,etc. The observational comedian offers a fresh, funny take on old subjects. Whether it is a comedy club, corporate event, campus club, observational comedy really works.

We have some of the best comedians offering hilarious observation comedy. Steve Patterson is a Canadian stand-up comedian, actor, writer, television and radio host, and television producer known for his satire and observational comedy. Steve is up-to-the-moment with current events, meticulous in creating material and lightning-quick with a comeback. He is confident but also self-deprecating and while he will have fun with his audience he will never make fun of an audience member unless the target of his joke is laughing the loudest in the room. In addition to general audiences, Patterson is also a highly sought-after host and speaker for private corporate events.. Award-winning, well-respected and painstakingly persistent in creating new material, Steve Patterson gives his very best to each audience he performs for. For more information on Steve Patterson, please visit:

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