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Why You Should Book The Canadian Comedian Mark Critch

Get More Than Just 22 Minutes With Mark Critch

As one of the hardest working, most well-known comedians in our roster, we frequently recommend Mark Critch to clients in need of a familiar face who’s capable of entertaining huge crowds. He delivers on more than just familiarity; however, as he provides an evening of hilarity for your upcoming charitable event, corporate function, or celebration.
Mark has been making people laugh since he was 15, when he first dipped his toes into the waters of the sketch comedy scene of St. John’s. After years of sharpening his comedic chops, he’s come a long way from the halls and comedy bars of Newfoundland and Labrador. Since then, he’s travelled the world to perform all over North America, Russia, China, and Afghanistan.

Most notably, he’s reached national acclaim for his role in the Gemini-winning television series, This Hour Has 22 Minutes. As one of the show’s anchors, Mark’s been entertaining and educating the nation with his tongue-in-cheek interpretation of the news with fellow comedians Shaun Majumder, Cathy Jones, and Susan Kent for 13 years. In between pointing out the absurdity of current events, Mark makes the nation laugh with his irreverent portrayals of such Canadian celebrities and politicians like George Stroumboulopoulos, Don Cherry, Rex Murphy, and Tom Mulcair.

But perhaps he is most well-known for the travelling road pieces he does as a 22 Minutes correspondent, wherein he interviews (or accosts, depending on who you ask) popular figures like Mitt Romney, Avril Lavign, Alec Baldwin, Michael Douglas, and Canada’s own Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Whether or not these celebrities expected the full force of Mark’s comedic genius, one thing is for sure – Mark always makes them laugh.
From MPs sitting in Parliament to the Prime Ministers that run the country to all of the celebrities he meets along the way, Mark reveals a lighter, funnier side to those you wouldn’t expect. (Like former Prime Minister Paul Martin!). But it isn’t an ability best left for the screen. Mark brings his infectious enthusiasm and razor sharp wit with him to every speaking engagement, where he can get the whole room roaring with laughter when he shares his on-point political satire and silly observations. Even the most serious member of your team won’t be able to help themselves from cracking a smile and chuckling along with everyone else.

Side-splitting laughter is guaranteed when you hire Mark, and it’s what the people got when he hosted the Ha!ifax Comedy Festival and appeared in CBC’s Winnipeg Comedy Festival and CBC’s infamous Just For Laughs series. He’s also a hilarious addition to CTV’s Satisfaction, CBC’s Republic of Doyle, and the feature film The Grand Seduction, in which he starred with Brendan Gleeson and Taylor Kitsch.
His title as Canada’s funnyman and all-round great guy is why so many of our clients choose Mark as their comedian for the evening. If your trade show, employee appreciation celebration, or corporate fundraiser could benefit from a familiar (and funny) face, call us today, and we’ll make sure Mark’s ready for the gig! And don’t worry—when you hire a professional such as Mark, you’ll get far more than just 22 minutes with this comedian. You’ll get a full evening of hilarity.

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