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Will Your Corporate Entertainer Connect With Your Audience?

brian_glowPicking The Right Corporate Entertainment To Connect With Your Audience?

A corporate event is designed to showcase a company and its brand, to network, as well as an opportunity to promote employee camaraderie. To strengthen business relationships, a corporate event can be used to promote a business family atmosphere, therefore an event is always strengthened by making it more personal.

Your corporate entertainer should have the knowledge and experience to make the performance personal. For instance, there are professional corporate entertainers such as corporate comedians who customize every performance to enhance the event and theme, and tailor the content to the audience. By doing so, they are able to connect to the audience. As well, there are corporate entertainers who will integrate a company’s brand and message into their show as a way to connect with the audience. A professional corporate entertainer that does his or her homework and integrates your company throughout their performance not only connects with the audience but also adds more value to the event. The corporate entertainer who stands apart is the entertainer who connects with the audience on a personal level.

Below are some of the best in custom corporate entertainers who are experts at connecting with audiences:

Brian Stollery is one of Canada’s most sought after customized comedians. When you book Brian Stollery, you won’t just get another comedian doing a canned act. You will get a one-on-one consultation with Mr. Stollery where he will take the time and make the effort to find out about your event. Mr. Stollery will then write comedy material specific for your function, always careful to never offend or embarrass. The result, is a very entertaining, personalized, extremely funny show. Brian Stollery is the comedian of choice for event planners and corporations across Canada!

Winnipeg corporate comedian Jason Beck researches the client and event to ensure the presentation is funny, appropriate for the event and the perfect match of content and audience participation. Jason delivers funny, interactive, and memorable performances to enhance your event. Prior to every show, all clients are pre-interviewed to ensure that the show is customized to meet the specific needs of your event. The result is a comedy performance that combines the right material with hilarious audience interaction.

Winnipeg magician Brian Glow works closely with Fortune 500 companies and businesses seeking to increase their sales and message memorability. From boardrooms to arenas Brian has produced amazing productions that integrate the client’s theme, message, product or service into a customized show that goes far beyond expectation into motivation, team building and integrated learning. The ultimate goal is always of being the most memorable experience for attendees ever imaginable! Brian’s artistry adds excitement to any event as he combines a smooth and easy delivery with humor and talent, making your audience the heroes of the show, and leaving them in stitches. Your next Association and Sales meeting can SIZZLE with hysterical audience participation guaranteed to make your message memorable and motivational.

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