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Your Next Business Function Needs A Live Act

We have all been there before. Sitting at a business related event, trying to be social and friendly but really we are bored out of our minds! You can’t leave, so you try and make the best out of a bad situation. While many of us can relate to being a bored guest, hopefully you haven’t played host to them! Trying to instill a sense of enjoyment and fun in a bored crowd is a tough gig, especially if the guests are co-workers and/or clients.

Take the stress and hassle out of planning your corporate functions for the year by adding live entertainment. A professional talent agency can provide a range of live entertainment options such as comedians, live bands, speed painters, cirque acts, singers, magicians or even psychic readers who will add spice to your normal “juice and cookies” corporate events. Best of all, the right live entertainment will bring your event to ‘five star status’ among your guests and patrons. It also provides you with the opportunity to tailor your theme with current live entertainment options such as popular singers and music groups.

Here at the Corporate Entertainers talent agency, we believe that laughter is the best medicine. This is why we work tirelessly so that our star list of comedians will certainly cure the dryness of any corporate gathering. The best corporate events are those which the participants laugh and revel in the company of friends and coworkers, ensuring they enjoy themselves and correspondingly think positively about your company.

Our event planning specialists will happily discuss and help you to design an event that will meet your budget needs while impressing your guests. We ask that you provide us with as much detail as possible so we can provide you with the best live entertainment experience for all of your events and functions. We are here to help you find and book the perfect entertainer for your upcoming event, as we are proud to offer a stellar line up of options to chose from.

Information about the venue location is essential, as we work across the country. Corporate Entertainers would be happy to talk to you about your entertainment goals and ensure you chose the right entertainer based on our years of experience. If you need a master of ceremony or host, they can be provided as well. We can assist with providing you with a program and allow key corporate figures or special guests the opportunity to make special announcements. Special events, such as surprise parties featuring the favourite live entertainment of the honoree’s choice, can be provided as well.

For corporate events which are family oriented, live entertainment can also be designed for youth of all ages as well as adults. Clowns, face painters and jugglers can add zest to your event that will make all of your patrons happy. At Corporate Entertainers, our staff will set up a budget based on the number of live acts you request. Packages can be designed for multiple functions and events and certain live entertainment can be booked well in advance. Save productivity time by not using your valuable staff hours to allocating people to planning the event. Let us do the work for you and your next corporate gathering will create memorable experiences for all.

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